San Jose Maternity Photography

It's time for golden grass here in the Bay Area!!! I know some people prefer green, but there is something about golden grass that makes me so so happy!

I love the way that sunset like transforms the atmosphere and brings some magic to the photographs.

This session was scheduled 2 months ago! We were talking a lot about the perfect location and time, with little kids, sunset can be hard because of bedtime schedules. But I'm so happy that worked out perfectly. If you are worried about this, I recommend you to make your kid take a quick nap before the session and bring the pajamas, milk, or snack, so you can have him ready to sleep after the session and with a little luck, you will have a sleeping kid when you arrive home.

This session was done at the beginning of May, on a Sunday. I especially love this location because it never gets crowded. It's so big that we always have enough space. The parking is very accessible and perfect for pregnant mamas because we don't have to take long walks to find beautiful scenarios.

Outfit choice

I send all my clients what I call a Style Tool. It's a simple 3 step setup that allows you to select your style, color pallet, and members. Then, the tool will show you items that coordinate well together. After selecting your favorite articles for each family member, there is an option to email you the links for purchasing each item.

This family nailed it! They chose a light color pallet, beige, olive, khaki, and denim. The light and the scenario coordinate so well with their outfit choices, and everything looks cohesive. It's essential to keep in mind your location when planning for outfits.

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