Mom to be in quarantine

What was it like for me to be pregnant during COVID 19?! 

Well, I still have a lot of feelings that I can’t explain. But let me tell you a little bit about my journey.

I must admit that I am kind of a controlling person, and while pregnant it was no exception. It was my second pregnancy and everything was running smoothly. My daughter and I went to Texas in February, before all the chaos started. While there, the rumors began, the shortage at the grocery stores appeared and the borders were closed. I began to feel really nervous so I took a flight back home. And the very next day, the San Jose Airport closed an area due to an outbreak.

Upon returning home, the rumors of lockdown were strong, the toilet paper was gone from everywhere (haha!) And my stress was on the brink!! The lockdown began and, the day for my next check-up with the doctor arrived. It turned out that my blood sugar level was very high, and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes 😣. The doctor began to watch over my diet and my stress level (which was high).

I lost a little bit of my mind during those days. The fear of bringing a child into the world amidst a pandemic is something that I can't describe. What if I catch the virus? What if I can't take care of my children? What if I infect my husband? If I have to give birth alone? Hundreds of questions that I tried to avoid at all costs because they would only increase my stress.

The internal battle began, trying to remain calm, to relax, and to leave everything in the hands of God and the doctors! With the doctor's care and recommendations, I manage to control my stress level. My baby continued to grow healthy, and even with all the stress, we began to plan his arrival.

We decided that the best option for us was an induction. 

So the day came, and on May 26 we went to the hospital very anxious and uncertain. Upon arrival, we were tested for COVID 19, and when we got our results (negative), the process began! Yes indeed, my husband had to use his mask just like me, but during labor, I could take it off. Yes, my husband could not spend the night with me in the hospital and yes, there were many restrictions. But the hospital staff was wonderful! They treat me so humanely, understood my fear so well, and helped me remaining calm at all times. The nurses are there to support you so I did feel calm and in good hands.

There are no words to describe the experience of bringing a human being into the world amid a pandemic. Fear, uncertainty, and especially stress play a key role in your health and that of your baby. But it confirms once again the power of kindness, of words of encouragement, of virtual hugs, but above all of love and faith.