Family Photography in Palo Alto, CA.

I have been working with this family for some time. They booked me when mom was pregnant with the little girl and chose the "Bump to 1 Year" package. So I'll be capturing milestones until the baby girl turns one year!

For the 6 months session, they chose this beautiful garden in Palo Alto during golden hour. It was stunning full of blooms and colorful flowers.

Tips for choosing outfits for family sessions

The outfit choices were so perfect in this session. When you are dressing your family, take in consideration your location. Choose a color palette and add print and textures to make your outfit pop.

Remember that we don't have to match each other; we look for outfits that coordinate and look good together.

How to achieve sunset photos with toddlers

Golden hour sessions during summer can be challenging with toddlers; sunset will be around 8 PM, so it can be almost bedtime for little kids. I recommend my clients to do a late nap for the baby and don't stress if he wants to play instead of a smile at the camera. Kids playing and enjoying a moment with their families will create the perfect photo ambiance.

Bring pajamas and put them on after the session; with some luck, they will sleep on the way home.