Mustard flowers are spectacular and we are very lucky to have a lot of options to visit and take photos around the Bay Area. I have been doing sessions there the past years and even when I have to drive a bit, they are worth it. 

Usually, the flowers start to bloom in the middle of February but with the rain, the flowers are blooming earlier and now we can start to see wildflowers everywhere around the Bay Area. 

If you are looking for a session with this scenario, I recommend you to book now for the next weeks, the blooms don't last so much. 

Where to find the fields?

There are a lot of fields around the Bay Area that you can go to visit and are open to the public. I'll share with you my favorite spots.

Half Moon Bay has amazing fields, you can find some driving by Highway 1. Be careful about parking areas and private property signs. There is not a specific parking lot, but you can find areas next to the way where you can park. The scenario in Half Moon Bay is amazing, and the fields are enormous. You will not regret visiting them!!!

Other pretty fields are located driving to Napa, on the Saint Helena Highway. Some on the fields have designed parking lots and others don't have parking but you can find a parking spot close. 

Please be respectful with the property and respect the Private Property signs. We need to keep in mind that some fields bloom in areas where the owners of the land have plants growing too. 

A big surprise!

I have been planning to bring my kids to some of the mustard fields to photograph them, but suddenly I found a pretty field 10 minutes walking from my house. So I can't resist the opportunity to try it and span a couple of quick pics during our walk. The field is located in North First Street.

Even when the field doesn't have the spectacular mountains in the background, it's so pretty, and having the option to don't drive too long was great for us!

If you want to visit a local field this could be your option, there is no parking lot next to the field. You will have to find a spot on the street and take a walk. 

If you are looking for a session in the mustard fields, now it's a good time for booking your session. My calendar during February and March is getting busier, and the blooms will not last passing March.