Maternity sessions

Ajay contacted me first! He wanted to surprise her wife Anu with a maternity session. I was so excited about this because usually my first contact is with the pregnant lady. Having the husband on board was absolutely a game changer to this session!! After the surprise they choose the location and start planning the session.

What I hear most regarding maternity session is "Which is the best time to do it? How many weeks I must to be?", there is not a specific time. Could be as soon as 27 weeks if you are feeling like you bump is getting big and it's hard for you to move. Or you could wait until the last weeks, around 37 is the max time recommended for me.

Golden hour

What golden hour means? well for photography, it's one hour before sunset. We photographers, are always trying to shoot at that time. But why?, well it's because at that time the light is just amazing, we can play with sunbeams and achieve amazing effects on the camera.

I always recommend my clients to do their sessions at that time. Works wonder for couples, but sometimes during the summer, with the sunset being around 8:00 PM could be hard for families with little kids. Remember that I can work with different light conditions, but if your kid is tired, hardly will want to play or smile. Always choose your family comfort!!