Let's meet Anna and Kenny, they are the parents of beautiful twin boys and here they're expecting a little girl to bring more joy to their family!!

They are such amazing couple, kind with each other and you can see the love all the time. I did this session back in March 2020, we choose an amazing location close to Half Moon Bay at golden hour. The sunset was stunning and we were able to capture such great sunbeams.

I felt so happy doing this session, Anna was living some months on Mexico a couple of years ago, and it's always great to know people that have been experienced mexican culture, we talked about food, places and more food!! LOL!

choosing your outfits

Pregnancy could be a hard time for some woman. You're experiencing a lot of changes on your body. My best advice is enjoy them! Embrace your new shape and glow!!.... When we talk about pregnancy outfits I always recommend dresses, fitted or flowy, wherever you feel more comfortable. Try to find the dress that make you feel beautiful and let you move. There are a lot of options online and you always can try pinterest for inspiration. I have a client closet available too, you can choose from some dresses maternity friendly.

Anna chose a fitted black dress, she look stunning!! And she wanted to do some shoots showing a little more her belly, so she went with a floral gauze robe and black underwear. The perfect combo for showing the belly and cover you a little extra. Kenny wear a classic dark gray vest and pants with a white shirt and complemented each other perfectly.