Hi moms!

Spring is almost here and we start planning our family sessions! I have some tips, do's and don't about family outfits for this season.

First of all you have to keep in mind that the key is to be comfortable and follow your style. If you are wearing something that make you or any member of your family feel uncomfortable, it could ended in a bad mood during the session and we want to avoid it at all cost!

Start with a basic neutral color palette, now we are focused on Spring, cream, taupe, cocoa, and camel colors will work amazing! Then we can add a pop of color with 2-3 color that mix well together, you can find some options bellow.

Don't be afraid of prints, but limit it to 1 or 2 family members. For example: A family of 4 members (mom, dad, girl and boy). Mom wear a floral dress, dad camel chinos and solid shirt or henley, girl solid dress with a cute printed hair bow, boy jeans or chinos + shirt with suspenders or henley. You always can add accessories to make it look more fun: hats, suspenders or bow ties, hair bows or headbands will give your outfits a twist!

Always avoid cartoon prints, too bright colors and brands showing on your clothes. Remember that you don't need to wear same color, it's not about matching it's about combinations and keep the harmony on the colors.

Keep in mind your location when you are selecting your outfits and shoes! If it's a beach location don't try to use heels, barefoot or sandals will do the job! If it's an open field, sandals could be dangerous if you have to hike, but a cute pair of ankle boots will look amazing and make you feel comfortable!

Remember to plan ahead your outfits! if you are thinking on bring some props (blanket, special items, etc) pack it on a bag with other essential items as hairbrush, snacks for kids, water, etc! You know it's always better to be prepared!

But the most important of all, enjoy your session day, relax and just follow the lead, candid and cute photos doesn't need to be everyone smiling to the camera! Create images with true feelings, tickles, dance, kisses always give the best photos!