Hello Again!

Today I want to show you some photos of a gorgeous family! Yulyana and her husband came to me months ago to do their maternity session, since that moment I could notice all the love that they have for each other and knew that the baby would be very happy and loved.

I'm always excited to have returning clients. My heart dances every time that I hear "we want to work with you again" It's a great feeling to know that all the effort in make my clients feel comfortable and obtain amazing memories for them is worth it.

Happy baby

This session was so much fun. Little baby boy was smiling and doing funny faces all the session. We couldn't stop laughing with him. Such a cutie boy!!!

Remember that the key for a happy baby is to be sure that he is well rested and feed. Usually when a baby is not in a good mood is because he skip the nap or it's almost dinner/lunch time. We can talk about if golden hours fits your kids schedule, if not, we can choose the best time and look for a location that allows me to manage the sun light.

Just check out this funny faces during one pose! He definitely stole my heart!

coordinate outfits

The question that I ear most is always: "What should we wear?". The age when everyones dress the same color and jeans it's on the past. Now we want that you look coordinate not match.

I provide to all my clients what I call "Styling Tool" this is a software that allows you to build your wardrobe in 3 easy steps. I want to be sure that all my clients enjoy the experience and don't be stressed or overwhelmed.

If you are looking to build a well coordinate wardrobe start with neutrals (beige, tan, gray, sand) and add a little of color depending the season and your location. For this session I recommend them to use earthy tones. Yulyana is wearing a rust dress, while dad is wearing a plaid shirt that blend perfectly, little baby boy looks adorable in a white shirt pant combo.

They just nail it!