Family session in Bay Area | Santa Cruz, CA

Oh, I love the beach!! Who can resist the sand, sun, ocean, and the sound of the waves?! I was raised very close to the beach, and I grab my swimsuit at every chance.

This family came to me a couple of months ago, I did their session in a golden field, and then by accident, my hard drive crashed, and I lost all their beautiful images. I felt terrible about it and talked with Krisharae about the chance to reshoot in any location she wanted; to my luck, she chose the beach! and Santa Cruz was the perfect location for her family. I want to say Thank you to this family one more time for being so patient and understanding with me during this incident. I'm so lucky to have incredible supportive clients.

As I love the beach, I arrived earlier with my family at the location, enjoyed an entertaining afternoon playing in the sand, and then mom got to work!

I started with some photos on the rocks and then moved to the sand and ocean. They played, laughed, and enjoyed every minute of this session, or at least that seems like (LOL)!!

During the session, I put the sun at different angles from my subjects, so you could see different light conditions even when the session was done in around 60 minutes. I like to play with the light and create other conditions of light in every session while maintaining my style's consistency.

This is the perfect time for beach sessions!