What to wear for your session

What to wear for your session

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot. The outfits you choose are actually a lot more important than you might think. I want you to be the main focus of your photos, and wearing the wrong outfits might take the focus away from you!

I have some tips for you to create the perfect coordinate outfits!!

The most important thing to remember is that your clothing should reflect your personal style; you should feel comfortable and wear something that makes you genuinely confident and happy. If you feel good, you will look good!

Then we can start with selecting the look; if you want your photos to look warm, I'll go with earthy tones as mustard, burnt orange, rust, olive, cream, burgundy, taupe. Personally, those are my favorite colors!! If you are looking for a classic lighter look, choose neutrals, tan, beige, sand, khaki, and add a pop of color with your favorite one. If you want a more pastel look, go for light colors, white, tan, sand, muted light colors as mauve, blue, and coral. Dark colors can give you a great look too, black, brown mixed with light colors are a great option. Don't forget about adding texture, knits, lace, velvet, wool, crochet.

Prints are in some way tricky but can make the look tie together. I'll recommend only having 1-2 people dressed in prints. You want to coordinate, do not match! You want colors that work well together, but you don't want everyone with the same color or print. Don't forget about the shoes!! Brown shoes go well with almost everything.

Say NO to: bright and neon colors, large logos or characters, sporty tennis shoes, mixing similar patterns (multiple plaids it's distracting), visible diaper, matching denim jeans (limit jeans to 1-2 persons), mismatching color tones (light blue with deep olive).

Now let's talk about hair and makeup. For hair, I'll recommend you keep it loose; flow hair will give you a natural fresh look, it will fly with the wind and give us a lot of fun. Makeup: avoid using heavy makeup; a bit of color on your lips and eyes will look great; you don't need more.

I have a Client Closet with many pretty dresses and items for kids to borrow during a session with me. Feel free to check it out and ask me any questions about sizing, fit, or if you want to schedule a phone call to talk about booking a session and try something on!

Outfit examples

Prints are always an excellent option to keep your wardrobe fun. This combo works great, mom is wearing a printed dress, while dad keeps it simple with brown pants and a classic white shirt. Baby girl compliment perfects the combo with a mustard dress. 

Keep in mind your location. This combo works great because the colors look good together. Mom is wearing a soft printed dress, while the girls are using solids. Big sis gives the look a touch with the texture of her dress. This color combination gives you a fresh and light feel. 

The color palette is everything. Mom wears a brown long dress. Dad complements the look with a plaid shirt in earthy tones and the baby in white shirt and pants work great. If your kid isn't walking yet, you don't need to add shoes. 

My favorite colors are warm/earthy tones. I love shooting at golden hour and these colors work amazing. This combo is great, mustard dress for mom and dad keep it simple with a red long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. They look relaxed, happy, and comfy.

This day we had a beautiful strong sunset. Mom wearing a tan dress and dad in neutral khaki and white. While kids give the look the pop of color to this look with mustard, denim, and emerald. All the colors look great together and the combo looks cohesive.

Here we started selecting mom's dress; then we chose dad's sweater because he is a little picky with his outfits. We kept big sister in a neutral beige dress and little brother in a lighter green sweater.

Another example of warm tones. Mustard printed dress for mom is a favorite one. The burgundy girls' dress works excellent, and dad's green shirt adds some fun to the look.

If you are looking for a fresh neutral look you can't go wrong with this combo. Withe dress for mom and jeans white t-shirt for dad. Add a touch of color with light pink dresses for the little girls and the lace and tulle texture add the perfect touch. 

Make sure you have given yourself enough time to think about all of the details. Plan ahead so that you can truly think about your photos and everything you want out of the session and you aren't rushing and stressing out.

Do you still have questions?